Being a single woman who loves Jesus has a journey of its own. If you've ever related to these 10 real struggles, sis, you're not alone. 1. When he's cute and has a great personality but doesn't follow Christ. 2. When God showed you he's not the one, but you keep on catching feelings. 3.... Continue Reading →



I always say that I'm not a "birthday person" but I've come to realize that birthdays are a really great way to be reminded of all the incredible people in my life, who are so thoughtful, loving and genuinely caring. Thank you to all my sunshiney peeps🌻who make me feel so special. My genuine (I wanna... Continue Reading →

Appreciation Post ❤️

This literally means so much to me. It's always nice to know that you are loved and missed ❤️❤️❤️ PS: Haven't spoken to this person in ages but the love is still real. IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE ❤️ Speaking of love, here are few photos from today 😊 #StopHungerNowSA #Volunteering #GivingBack


As a recent blogger (I'm not even sure if I should call myself so), Thank you @Judy Redic for the nomination. The mystery blogger award created by Okoto Enigma is an award for bloggers with posts that captivates, motivates or simply for  the bloggers who blog with so much love and passion and find it fun in... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts❤️

To my daughters I'll say; See your beauty without a compliment or a mirror  & There will always be someone who looks down on you, don't ever let that person be you. 👯👯👯

Dear Show Runners…

The only reason why I still have my Twitter account is so that I can give my reviews after my favorite shows have aired. I recently started watching How To Get Away With Murder and I swear if I had watched this before my A-levels I think I would have considered a career in law.... Continue Reading →


I consider myself to be a great writer. To be honest I consider myself to be great at many things be it singing, dancing, outdoorsy activities. To you who'll probably read this after a while, let it be known that the only problem I'll have with this blog would be overthinking on what to write.... Continue Reading →

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