Appreciation Post ❤️

This literally means so much to me. It’s always nice to know that you are loved and missed ❤️❤️❤️

PS: Haven’t spoken to this person in ages but the love is still real.


Speaking of love, here are few photos from today 😊

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The 7 Different Types Of Roommates You will Have

I simply thought that I should share this as some are very true.

PS: I’m the International except I don’t speak 3 different languages.

1. The Commuter

Does she even live here? These people tend to disappear for days at a time only to unexpectedly arrive in the room at 8am with dunks in hand or emerge mysteriously from the literal closet. Everyone misses her terribly, and her roommates are often asked, “Where’s [roommate]?” They never know.

2. The Mom

She is well-stocked with hand sanitizer, wet wipes, painkillers, and paper towels. Sickness and bad smells don’t last long with this blessing straight from heaven reading to vanquish germs and deploy copious amounts of Fabreeze.

3. The Binge-Watcher

The best way to procrastinate homework is through TV, as this roommate knows. You will find her contorted in strange positions on the ground eating chili while watching the latest episode of Once Upon a Time and folding her laundry.

4. The One with a Boyfriend

Like the commuter, this roommate is rarely around, but at least everyone knows who she’s with. She has addictions to Minecraft and watching guys play video games in classrooms. She often resorts to drawing with whiteboard markers while her boyfriend and his friends duke it out in virtual reality. Her roommates do their best to lure her away and hang out with them instead of him.

5. The Solutions Manual

She knows how to solve all your homework problems, and is actually good at explaining how to do them. Forget how to do partial derivatives? Ask her. Can’t figure out the Wronskian? Ask her. This roommate is a walking math textbook. She does Sudoku in her free time.

6. The International

If you see someone walking around with an iPad talking in a foreign language, it’s this roommate. She has a really cool name in Swahili that the rest of the roommates can’t pronounce, though they try. While this roommate sometimes gets English phrases mixed up, she can also speak three languages so that’s pretty cool.

7. The Athlete

With a crazy practice schedule, this roommate is often conflicted between hanging with the roomies and her teammates. Free time is

non-existent, but as a result she’s obnoxiously good at focusing on her homework and tuning out her roommates. “Just read the syllabus” is her motto.


NB: In case you were wondering my roommate was definitely the commuter.

-Sarah St. Pierre-


As a recent blogger (I’m not even sure if I should call myself so), Thank you @Judy Redic for the nomination.

The mystery blogger award created by Okoto Enigma is an award for bloggers with posts that captivates, motivates or simply for  the bloggers who blog with so much love and passion and find it fun in doing so.


  1. God is bae 😍
  2. I’m easily inspired whether by what someone says, does or writes.
  3. Peace of mind is not something that I can ever compromise on.


I’m a newbie so my list won’t be long.

  1. New Wave
  2. This Darling Adventure
  3. Oristel Guenael
  4. Words can’t fathom


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  1. I’m a varsity student at the moment so that definitely takes most of my time.
  2. I was born and raised in Tanzania🇹🇿, currently studying my  Bsc in Cape Town, South Africa.
  3. Blogging is interesting, I guess that’s what makes me happy about it.
  4. Gosh! If I could travel right now, I’d go to Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  5. I think it depends with the situation.


  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What part of the world are you at right now?

As promised, my post is up. It’s a great pleasure reading all of your blog posts.


        Are Your Internet Friends Really Your Friends?

        I feel like we’ve all been there, befriending people on social media for various reasons mine being if we have mutual friends, inspirational or have cute pictures.

        So I tried the Snapchat life and followed Umoja254. This however was after Maisha255 started to get boring and I unfollowed the account. 

        A Tanzanian girl living in Denmark was hosting that day and it was lit. After lurking around her Instagram Page (Gosh! She had cute photos😍), I tapped the follow button.

        This is where the story really begins, As she came to Tanzania for the holiday when I was also on vacation break during the time. 

        On one Saturday morning while running errands as I was about to go back to varsity, I saw her at a bank lounging area. Since I had followed her for quite sometime on SnapChat, there was this feeling that we are friends but mind you we actually weren’t for we had never seen each other in person before. 

        I had the urge to introduce myself like “hey, we follow each other on snapchat” which obviously sounds bloody awful😂, Thank God I didn’t by that time.

        Later on I just had to say something cause that’s my nature so I sent her a snap which said, “I saw you earlier blah blah blah and wanted to say hi but since we don’t know each other in person I thought that it’ll be weird” Added some few emojis cause I’m awesome just like that😎.

        And her response was and I quote, “You girlllll, you should have just said hiiiii” with some few emojis.

        I can’t say we talked much but all we do currently is watch each other’s stories and mind you I don’t post much.

        This made me ask myself the question, Are my internet friends really my friends? Cause Only God knows if we’ll manage to have an actual flowing conversation if we ever met🙄.

        Dear Show Runners…

        The only reason why I still have my Twitter account is so that I can give my reviews after my favorite shows have aired.

        I recently started watching How To Get Away With Murder and I swear if I had watched this before my A-levels I think I would have considered a career in law.

        Yeah yeah the series has been so great but lately there have been too many plot twists and it’s not cute anymore.

        Sure before we knew who was under the sheets, the twists were awesome. I’m still mad at Peter Nowalk for making me think that Wes was fine but anyway…

        For this second half where we allegedly gotta find out who killed Wes (see what I did there😉), I think it’s important to not beat around the bush.

        It’s so unnecessary and we are getting tired. C’mon we just wanna know who killed the boy who survived Voldemort era but not law school.

        Remember fellas, “Too much of anything is harmful.” But this is Shondaland, where anything can happen 😢



        I consider myself to be a great writer. To be honest I consider myself to be great at many things be it singing, dancing, outdoorsy activities.

        To you who’ll probably read this after a while, let it be known that the only problem I’ll have with this blog would be overthinking on what to write.

        Either way I’m excited to share my inner thoughts because I tend to live a very private life. I’m a strong believer in being in the moment rather than taking pictures or a video (trust me I ❤️ pictures).

        Gosh speaking of pictures, it’s funny how  I always ask myself a series of questions before posting one. But that’s a story for another day.

        I feel like writing tones of stuff, tbh this feels like writing in a diary, but what would I know about diaries?????

        Never owned one or did I?🤔