The 7 Different Types Of Roommates You will Have

I simply thought that I should share this as some are very true.

PS: I’m the International except I don’t speak 3 different languages.

1. The Commuter

Does she even live here? These people tend to disappear for days at a time only to unexpectedly arrive in the room at 8am with dunks in hand or emerge mysteriously from the literal closet. Everyone misses her terribly, and her roommates are often asked, “Where’s [roommate]?” They never know.

2. The Mom

She is well-stocked with hand sanitizer, wet wipes, painkillers, and paper towels. Sickness and bad smells don’t last long with this blessing straight from heaven reading to vanquish germs and deploy copious amounts of Fabreeze.

3. The Binge-Watcher

The best way to procrastinate homework is through TV, as this roommate knows. You will find her contorted in strange positions on the ground eating chili while watching the latest episode of Once Upon a Time and folding her laundry.

4. The One with a Boyfriend

Like the commuter, this roommate is rarely around, but at least everyone knows who she’s with. She has addictions to Minecraft and watching guys play video games in classrooms. She often resorts to drawing with whiteboard markers while her boyfriend and his friends duke it out in virtual reality. Her roommates do their best to lure her away and hang out with them instead of him.

5. The Solutions Manual

She knows how to solve all your homework problems, and is actually good at explaining how to do them. Forget how to do partial derivatives? Ask her. Can’t figure out the Wronskian? Ask her. This roommate is a walking math textbook. She does Sudoku in her free time.

6. The International

If you see someone walking around with an iPad talking in a foreign language, it’s this roommate. She has a really cool name in Swahili that the rest of the roommates can’t pronounce, though they try. While this roommate sometimes gets English phrases mixed up, she can also speak three languages so that’s pretty cool.

7. The Athlete

With a crazy practice schedule, this roommate is often conflicted between hanging with the roomies and her teammates. Free time is

non-existent, but as a result she’s obnoxiously good at focusing on her homework and tuning out her roommates. “Just read the syllabus” is her motto.


NB: In case you were wondering my roommate was definitely the commuter.

-Sarah St. Pierre-


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