Are Your Internet Friends Really Your Friends?

I feel like we’ve all been there, befriending people on social media for various reasons mine being if we have mutual friends, inspirational or have cute pictures.

So I tried the Snapchat life and followed Umoja254. This however was after Maisha255 started to get boring and I unfollowed the account. 

A Tanzanian girl living in Denmark was hosting that day and it was lit. After lurking around her Instagram Page (Gosh! She had cute photos😍), I tapped the follow button.

This is where the story really begins, As she came to Tanzania for the holiday when I was also on vacation break during the time. 

On one Saturday morning while running errands as I was about to go back to varsity, I saw her at a bank lounging area. Since I had followed her for quite sometime on SnapChat, there was this feeling that we are friends but mind you we actually weren’t for we had never seen each other in person before. 

I had the urge to introduce myself like “hey, we follow each other on snapchat” which obviously sounds bloody awful😂, Thank God I didn’t by that time.

Later on I just had to say something cause that’s my nature so I sent her a snap which said, “I saw you earlier blah blah blah and wanted to say hi but since we don’t know each other in person I thought that it’ll be weird” Added some few emojis cause I’m awesome just like that😎.

And her response was and I quote, “You girlllll, you should have just said hiiiii” with some few emojis.

I can’t say we talked much but all we do currently is watch each other’s stories and mind you I don’t post much.

This made me ask myself the question, Are my internet friends really my friends? Cause Only God knows if we’ll manage to have an actual flowing conversation if we ever met🙄.


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