Dear Show Runners…

The only reason why I still have my Twitter account is so that I can give my reviews after my favorite shows have aired.

I recently started watching How To Get Away With Murder and I swear if I had watched this before my A-levels I think I would have considered a career in law.

Yeah yeah the series has been so great but lately there have been too many plot twists and it’s not cute anymore.

Sure before we knew who was under the sheets, the twists were awesome. I’m still mad at Peter Nowalk for making me think that Wes was fine but anyway…

For this second half where we allegedly gotta find out who killed Wes (see what I did there😉), I think it’s important to not beat around the bush.

It’s so unnecessary and we are getting tired. C’mon we just wanna know who killed the boy who survived Voldemort era but not law school.

Remember fellas, “Too much of anything is harmful.” But this is Shondaland, where anything can happen 😢



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