LIFE: Is this it?

What would it take to make a shark happy on a sandy beach? Not a question you've wrestled with before? I'm not surprised, but think about it for a moment. Would a nice bit of shade work? What about a hearty meal of sea otters, or a cool drink of freshly squeezed lemonade? Better yet,... Continue Reading →



Birthdays are a great reminder of all the incredible people in my life who are loving, thoughtful and genuinely caring♥️ Some of the messages I've received from my sunshiney peeps🌻 Haha! And finally twitter♥️


What a mighty God we serve. What seems to be a setback for you is definitely a beautiful setup the Lord has planned for a beautiful comeback. It may seem like nothing is happening. Uncertainty tried to rule but you stand still and holding on and believe because you know that we serve a mighty... Continue Reading →


Every time I take a jumping photo, I literally hear Tyra Banks saying "You gotta buy yourself time in the air" Thanks, America's Next Top Model❤️   PS: When you ask a person to jump for a photo, their attention is mostly directed towards the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the... Continue Reading →


I always say that I'm not a "birthday person" but I've come to realize that birthdays are a really great way to be reminded of all the incredible people in my life, who are so thoughtful, loving and genuinely caring. Thank you to all my sunshiney peeps🌻who make me feel so special. My genuine (I wanna... Continue Reading →

Appreciation Post ❤️

This literally means so much to me. It's always nice to know that you are loved and missed ❤️❤️❤️ PS: Haven't spoken to this person in ages but the love is still real. IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE ❤️ Speaking of love, here are few photos from today 😊 #StopHungerNowSA #Volunteering #GivingBack

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