What a mighty God we serve. What seems to be a setback for you is definitely a beautiful setup the Lord has planned for a beautiful comeback. It may seem like nothing is happening. Uncertainty tried to rule but you stand still and holding on and believe because you know that we serve a mighty... Continue Reading →



Every time I take a jumping photo, I literally hear Tyra Banks saying "You gotta buy yourself time in the air" Thanks, America's Next Top Model❤️   PS: When you ask a person to jump for a photo, their attention is mostly directed towards the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the... Continue Reading →


I always say that I'm not a "birthday person" but I've come to realize that birthdays are a really great way to be reminded of all the incredible people in my life, who are so thoughtful, loving and genuinely caring. Thank you to all my sunshiney peeps🌻who make me feel so special. My genuine (I wanna... Continue Reading →

Appreciation Post ❤️

This literally means so much to me. It's always nice to know that you are loved and missed ❤️❤️❤️ PS: Haven't spoken to this person in ages but the love is still real. IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE ❤️ Speaking of love, here are few photos from today 😊 #StopHungerNowSA #Volunteering #GivingBack


As a recent blogger (I'm not even sure if I should call myself so), Thank you @Judy Redic for the nomination. The mystery blogger award created by Okoto Enigma is an award for bloggers with posts that captivates, motivates or simply for  the bloggers who blog with so much love and passion and find it fun in... Continue Reading →

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